WeatherXpress 2000

WeatherXpress 2000

WeatherXpress will show you the weather of more than 2.900 cities in the world (See all)

WeatherXpress is a small application that will show you the weather of more than 2.900 cities around the world. You can view, save and print hundreds of satellite photos and maps. If your city is listed in the program, you will be able to see if it's raining, snowing or sunny, etc., and you will have other great options, such as the ability to track the movement of the most powerful hurricanes.

Some Key features of WeatherXpress are:
- Display a lot of Maps & Pictures. You can see many interactive maps and pictures from all over the world like: auroral activities in the north and south poles, web cam pictures, U.S. Surface maps, Forecast & Satellite maps of Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, North and South America, etc.
- Pilot Weather. You will be able to see aviation maps, flight conditions, etc.
- Tropical Storms. World Wide Tropical cyclones and Hurricane Tracking Maps are just at one click.
- Watch local radars of United States and some Europe countries.

With WeatherXpress 2000 you will be always updated about the weather in the world.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • Very realistic animated maps
  • Easy to use and clear interface


  • Sometimes the program crashes if you Internet connection is slow
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